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  • 2008
    • December
      • Naughty Blogger
        Yes--I know which list I"m on when it comes to blogging. But I've been busy! I've expanded this little business of mine and am now doing Senior portraits, too! And they are FUN--especially when I get to work with talented makeup artist, Tonia Gary (817-846-2282~tell her I sent you!)

    • October
      • A Sweet New Baby
        This little boy is brand new, and so adorable. He slept through most of the session! Mommy, Daddy, Grandma & Auntie were super-sweet, too. Thank you for a lovely afternoon. Your boy is an absolute doll, and I hope you like the pictures!


      • Vote

        Sorry for the language, if it offends you...but I just think this is perfect!

      • A break
        I'm not going to write much, today. Life's been a whirlwind, lately. I'm enjoying stepping away from it all to photograph little cuties like Syd. Even the editing is a nice little escape.

        Today's green tip: download the song 3 R's, by Jack Johnson. It's on

    • September
      • Color Me Crazy
        All day long I've wanted nothing more than to climb into bed, or under my desk, or into a kitchen cabinet, and fall asleep. I'm exhausted. However, I've had 3 shoots in the last 3 days, and I'm SOOOO excited about how the images are going to turn out that now it's almost 1

    • August
      • One Stone, a Few Birds
        Hello, again! I know, what a shock...I'm writing an entry!

        I went to an event today, hosted by The Knot (you know, that little wedding magazine--ever heard of it?) It really was nice. I met a lot of cool people, who I hope to see again, soon...florists, caterers, makeup artists, etc.

    • July
      • Arts District Portraits
        Here are some photos from a session I had with two really sweet people! Brad & Jeanette, thank you so much for a great evening. You are NATURALS in front of the camera! You'll be seeing these shots on the site, soon!

    • June
      • Recent work
        Okay, I'll just have to come to terms with the fact that I'm not a great blogger. Maybe someday I will be...we shall see.

        Here's what I've been up a certain degree...

        Shot a few portrait sessions...good stuff...happy people...
        Made plans with on

    • May
      • The worst blogger ever...
        That's me! I haven't blogged in a month! It's been a busy one, and I've had some minor issues with my site (which appear to be resolved) so I've just not thought to blog.

        I had to do this, today, though, in the hopes that I can appeal to your charitable side, agai

    • April
      • Earth Day
        Well, it's Earth Day! As those of you who've read this blog before know, I've decided to start sharing simple tips, occasionally, for easily changing our routines & helping us all make less of a negative impact on the world. I spoke about this with my buddy at Arlington Camera, a

      • Sisson Wedding
        Well, it always takes me too long to post entries, here. But I know a bride who would LOVE to get a sneak peek at her wedding photos! are just a few!

        And here's another easy Green tip: Turn down your air-conditioning/heat when you

      • Keepin' it Green

        I've decided that I'm going to start posting short entries with EASY ways to help this great planet of ours. I mean easy . Lots of people don't think they have the energy or the time to make Green choices, but if everybody made teeny little changes in their day-to

      • More Arboretum
        I know, I know. I'm very bad about adding entries as often as I should. But here are a few shots from the Arb, that I got recently.
        BEAUTIFUL families. Wonderful people. Adorable children...soon to be posted on the site, .

    • March
      • The Dallas Arboretum
        If you've never been to the Dallas Arboretum, I can't stress enough: GO THERE! It is beautiful beyond words. I love bringing my camera there. I think it just might be my very favorite place in Dallas.

        Now's a great time to go. Dallas Blooms! All the gardens are bubbling o

      • SPCA
        My little dog, Mickey Maus, was a rescue dog from the SPCA. Our whole family just loves him. He was recently ill, so my boys and I took him to the vet (also the SPCA) for some testing. While waiting for Mickey to be released, and to avoid a wrestling match on the waiting room floor, I brought the

      • April's Special
        Unbelievably, it is almost April. This means my baby boy is another year older...he'll be 5 in just a few, short weeks!

        The approach of April means something else, as well...a new monthly special!

        So, any client booking a portrait session in April will receive 10% off the

      • Miss Tammy Kay at the Dubliner
        I really love shooting musicians. And the people in this band were so sweet & funny—so enjoyable to work with! This is Miss Tammy Kay and her band (including Jimmy Lee Reeves, who’s a great Texas blues musician in his own rite.) Check them out at . As Ji

    • February
      • Sweet Family
        Here is why I love this baby...

        1. He looks SO much like my sweet little nephew who I adore.

        2. When I walked in the door for the shoot on Sunday morning, he just looked so cute & cuddly I couldn't resist asking to hold him. The second he was in my arms he cuddled up

      • Too, too, too, too, too cute
        I read, not too long ago, advice from an awesome photographer. He wrote that to be a great photographer, one must know when not to click the shutter. I agree. But, come on…when photographing adorable little things like this, how can I stop myself? I am currently in the most difficult part of the

    • January
      • Stalled Session
        Last week I had the opportunity to work with some really cool people! They were a band called Stalled, and they ROCK! They were all so fun to work with--even their "roadies"! You can check out their music & get updates on their shows at

      • This month's special: Free Portrait Session Fee!
        This month's special is very special, indeed! Any session taking place in January will be FREE! That's right! In fact, since I'm posting this late, I will extend this month's special all the way up until February 17th! So, Happy Valentine's Day, too! The $80 minimum print

      • Happy New Year!
        And Happy New Website! This is my first EVER blog…so I don’t know, for sure, what it will end up like, but I’m looking forward to it!

        This will definitely be a place for clients to get a preview of their photos before I get to posting proofs, but it may also be sort of a fun little jour