Color Me Crazy 
All day long I've wanted nothing more than to climb into bed, or under my desk, or into a kitchen cabinet, and fall asleep. I'm exhausted. However, I've had 3 shoots in the last 3 days, and I'm SOOOO excited about how the images are going to turn out that now it's almost 1 in the morning & I'm still up. Ugh.

I promise you, body, that when I'm done with this, we'll go to bed.

Here are some shots from a bridal shoot I did this weekend. We did the session at a fantastic restaurant in Dallas called Shinsei. Then we had some saki (my first time, and a HUGE success! YUM) and some food. I've just got to plug this restaurant, people, because the food & drink was great, the staff was AMAZING, and the atmosphere is like nothing you'll get anywhere else. Thank you, Shinsei, for a wonderful time & a gorgeous backdrop!

Today's Easy Green Tip: DON'T THROW OUT USED INK CARTRIDGES! Recycle them--lots of companies take used cartridges, and some, like Office Depot, run occasional insentive programs to encourage the practice!

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