The worst blogger ever... 
That's me! I haven't blogged in a month! It's been a busy one, and I've had some minor issues with my site (which appear to be resolved) so I've just not thought to blog.

I had to do this, today, though, in the hopes that I can appeal to your charitable side, again. We're all aware of the horrifying disaster in China. Thousands and thousands were killed in the recent earthquake, and many more injured. What just had me in tears, though, was watching a news report of the frightened little children who've been orphaned. I saw little faces of boys and girls who are just so absolutely broke my heart. I can't help but imagine my own sweet boys in the same situation--and how absolutely terrified they would be. God, I just cried my eyes out. So, Kevin and I have made a donation to try to help, and we hope that you will, too. There are many ways to donate, but we went the World Vision route. Here's a link. I hope you can help...

Now for the real reason for this blog which I'm not keeping

Here are some shots from a couple weddings I did recently. Sorry it's taken so long to get up.

First, the Le's. This is a super sweet couple who really have what it takes to make a marriage last, in my humble opinion--a deep friendship. Thanks for letting me photograph your big day! AND thanks for dinner! Yum!

Now, another lovely couple. Tori & Ryan. We've become friends since they hired me, over a year ago, and I'm so, so glad that I got to shoot their wedding! Thank you for trusting me with this, guys, and I'm so happy you enjoyed the pictures!

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