Recent work 
Okay, I'll just have to come to terms with the fact that I'm not a great blogger. Maybe someday I will be...we shall see.

Here's what I've been up a certain degree...

Shot a few portrait sessions...good stuff...happy people...
Made plans with one of my favorite photogs in the region, Dee Jones, to pair up & work together on some weddings...toyed with the idea of someday opening a studio together...
Worked the Heritage Festival at my church (photos below)
Enrolled my boys in Hip Hop, Creative Movement, & Tumbling class because they want nothing more in life (at the moment) than to be the Jabba Wockeez (is there anyone else out there who watches America's Best Dance Crew?)
Attended an '80's themed b-day party, to which I wore my hair HUGE!!!!
Decided to revamp my wedding structure (prices and packages...still working on that.)
Tried a few new exotic recipes---DISASTEROUS.

Photos are's eco-friendly tip is another simple one...and becoming easier to do all the time...purhase some reusable bags at Walmart or Tom Thumb or Target. They're now offered all over, and using them can really reduce the amount of plastic used in shopping bags. A lovely lady whose wedding I'll be shooting this fall contacted me re these easy-green tips. She wrote to tell me she was excited about my working her wedding (which was such a sweet compliment) and to say that she & her fiance are always sure to turn off the air conditioner before they leave the house. Woo-Hoo! Thanks, Sarah!

Recent work: Heritage Festival & little Chez

And one more, just for fun...Kevin & me in our 80's gear...

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