Recent work 
Okay, I'll just have to come to terms with the fact that I'm not a great blogger. Maybe someday I will be...we shall see.

Here's what I've been up a certain degree...

Shot a few portrait sessions...good stuff...happy people...
Made plans with one of my favorite photogs in the region, Dee Jones, to pair up & work together on some weddings...toyed with the idea of someday opening a studio together...
Worked the Heritage Festival at my church (photos below)
Enrolled my boys in Hip Hop, Creative Movement, & Tumbling class because they want nothing more in life (at the moment) than to be the Jabba Wockeez (is there anyone else out there who watches America's Best Dance Crew?)
Attended an '80's themed b-day party, to which I wore my hair HUGE!!!!
Decided to revamp my wedding structure (prices and packages...still working on that.)
Tried a few new exotic recipes---DISASTEROUS.

Photos are's eco-friendly tip is another simple one...and becoming easier to do all the time...purhase some reusable bags at Walmart or Tom Thumb or Target. They're now offered all over, and using them can really reduce the amount of plastic used in shopping bags. A lovely lady whose wedding I'll be shooting this fall contacted me re these easy-green tips. She wrote to tell me she was excited about my working her wedding (which was such a sweet compliment) and to say that she & her fiance are always sure to turn off the air conditioner before they leave the house. Woo-Hoo! Thanks, Sarah!

Recent work: Heritage Festival & little Chez

And one more, just for fun...Kevin & me in our 80's gear...

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The worst blogger ever... 
That's me! I haven't blogged in a month! It's been a busy one, and I've had some minor issues with my site (which appear to be resolved) so I've just not thought to blog.

I had to do this, today, though, in the hopes that I can appeal to your charitable side, again. We're all aware of the horrifying disaster in China. Thousands and thousands were killed in the recent earthquake, and many more injured. What just had me in tears, though, was watching a news report of the frightened little children who've been orphaned. I saw little faces of boys and girls who are just so absolutely broke my heart. I can't help but imagine my own sweet boys in the same situation--and how absolutely terrified they would be. God, I just cried my eyes out. So, Kevin and I have made a donation to try to help, and we hope that you will, too. There are many ways to donate, but we went the World Vision route. Here's a link. I hope you can help...

Now for the real reason for this blog which I'm not keeping

Here are some shots from a couple weddings I did recently. Sorry it's taken so long to get up.

First, the Le's. This is a super sweet couple who really have what it takes to make a marriage last, in my humble opinion--a deep friendship. Thanks for letting me photograph your big day! AND thanks for dinner! Yum!

Now, another lovely couple. Tori & Ryan. We've become friends since they hired me, over a year ago, and I'm so, so glad that I got to shoot their wedding! Thank you for trusting me with this, guys, and I'm so happy you enjoyed the pictures!

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Earth Day 
Well, it's Earth Day! As those of you who've read this blog before know, I've decided to start sharing simple tips, occasionally, for easily changing our routines & helping us all make less of a negative impact on the world. I spoke about this with my buddy at Arlington Camera, and he pointed out that it's probably because I'm a parent. That may be true. My most fervent prayer, every day, is that my children be happy, healthy, and safe; and it's become clear to me that if we don't take care of this place, that is less likely to happen for them. And so I've made some changes. I have a lot more to make, but I'm trying.

So, this Earth Day, I ask that every person reading this watch An Inconvenient Truth ...even if you're not a Gore fan. I watched it out of curiosity about a year ago, and it's made such an impact on me. Yes, it's depressing. But as adults, we know that we need to take our medicine, and it doesn't always taste good. Watch the movie, get your friends & relatives to watch the movie--and don't turn it off when it gets uncomfortable. Sit through it & let it make its mark on you. I truly believe that if every person watched this movie & took its message to heart, there would be a great shift, in the right direction, for this planet. Check this out, too,

FYI: I use envelopes made of partially recycled materials for my slim-line cards, and am working towards more recycled materials in my products. Also, I do not over-package my products, using only what packaging is necessary to give your beautiful finished product to you. No, this is not as pretty as it could be, but I'm sure my clients will appreciate that they, too, this way, will use less paper and plastic products. I'd love to hear your opinion on this...would you prefer to have pretty packaging for your prints or somewhat ugly, more environmentally-friendly packaging? Honestly! Please leave a comment!

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Sisson Wedding 
Well, it always takes me too long to post entries, here. But I know a bride who would LOVE to get a sneak peek at her wedding photos! are just a few!

And here's another easy Green tip: Turn down your air-conditioning/heat when you leave the house. It's an enormous and useless waste of energy--and doing this will save on your bills, too. Woo-hoo! That's good for everybody!

** Just a friendly reminder: It is unlawful to use any images from this site without the express permission of the photographer.

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Keepin' it Green 

I've decided that I'm going to start posting short entries with EASY ways to help this great planet of ours. I mean easy . Lots of people don't think they have the energy or the time to make Green choices, but if everybody made teeny little changes in their day-to-day habits, it's amazing what a huge impact there will be!

Today's Easy Green Tip: Unbelievably easy...use gift bags instead of wrapping paper.And save the bags you receive your gifts in to reuse! This is NOT tacky! I absolutely can't stand seeing gift wrap that was applied to a present just an hour ago ripped off and thrown out. What a terrible waste! Consider putting a note in your gift bag to encourage the recipient to reuse the bag & save a tree!

***Jane Maus Photography has made a pledge to not over-wrap prints and to use recycled materials when possible.

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