Keepin' it Green 

I've decided that I'm going to start posting short entries with EASY ways to help this great planet of ours. I mean easy . Lots of people don't think they have the energy or the time to make Green choices, but if everybody made teeny little changes in their day-to-day habits, it's amazing what a huge impact there will be!

Today's Easy Green Tip: Unbelievably easy...use gift bags instead of wrapping paper.And save the bags you receive your gifts in to reuse! This is NOT tacky! I absolutely can't stand seeing gift wrap that was applied to a present just an hour ago ripped off and thrown out. What a terrible waste! Consider putting a note in your gift bag to encourage the recipient to reuse the bag & save a tree!

***Jane Maus Photography has made a pledge to not over-wrap prints and to use recycled materials when possible.

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More Arboretum 
I know, I know. I'm very bad about adding entries as often as I should. But here are a few shots from the Arb, that I got recently.
BEAUTIFUL families. Wonderful people. Adorable children...soon to be posted on the site, .

** Just a friendly reminder: It is unlawful to use any images from this site without the express permission of the photographer.

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The Dallas Arboretum 
If you've never been to the Dallas Arboretum, I can't stress enough: GO THERE! It is beautiful beyond words. I love bringing my camera there. I think it just might be my very favorite place in Dallas.

Now's a great time to go. Dallas Blooms! All the gardens are bubbling over with blossoms & bulbs in every color you can imagine. But I've been there in the dead of winter and been blown away by the beauty of moss on the stone walls. No matter what time of year, and what the weather is like, the arboretum is a lovely place to spend an hour or two or's a guaranteed pleasant experience.

Here are a few shots I've gotten at the Arboretum, that really show its versatility as a backdrop.

** Just a friendly reminder: It is unlawful to use any images from this site without the express permission of the photographer.

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My little dog, Mickey Maus, was a rescue dog from the SPCA. Our whole family just loves him. He was recently ill, so my boys and I took him to the vet (also the SPCA) for some testing. While waiting for Mickey to be released, and to avoid a wrestling match on the waiting room floor, I brought the boys next door to the adoption center. Honestly, I don't know why I EVER do this. I look, longingly, at each puppy and kind-hearted dog, and wish I could take them home with me. But we're a one-dog-family. Hopefully, it will be many years before it is our time to adopt, again!

In the meantime, here are a few of the puppies (and one cute kitten) who are up for adoption at the Dallas location of the SPCA.

To learn more about this organization, visit ... about_2004 .

FYI: A portion of every pet portrait print order I receive is donated to the SPCA! To learn more about my pet portraits (and, of course, my people portraits!) visit my website at .

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April's Special 
Unbelievably, it is almost April. This means my baby boy is another year older...he'll be 5 in just a few, short weeks!

The approach of April means something else, as well...a new monthly special!

So, any client booking a portrait session in April will receive 10% off their print order! Woo-hoo! April is already filling up, so if you want to take advantage of this offer, contact me soon--there are only a couple more spaces.

Have a wonderful day, & thanks for checking out the blog!

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