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      • The Dallas Arboretum
        If you've never been to the Dallas Arboretum, I can't stress enough: GO THERE! It is beautiful beyond words. I love bringing my camera there. I think it just might be my very favorite place in Dallas.

        Now's a great time to go. Dallas Blooms! All the gardens are bubbling o

      • SPCA
        My little dog, Mickey Maus, was a rescue dog from the SPCA. Our whole family just loves him. He was recently ill, so my boys and I took him to the vet (also the SPCA) for some testing. While waiting for Mickey to be released, and to avoid a wrestling match on the waiting room floor, I brought the

      • April's Special
        Unbelievably, it is almost April. This means my baby boy is another year older...he'll be 5 in just a few, short weeks!

        The approach of April means something else, as well...a new monthly special!

        So, any client booking a portrait session in April will receive 10% off the

      • Miss Tammy Kay at the Dubliner
        I really love shooting musicians. And the people in this band were so sweet & funny—so enjoyable to work with! This is Miss Tammy Kay and her band (including Jimmy Lee Reeves, who’s a great Texas blues musician in his own rite.) Check them out at . As Ji

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