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      • Stalled Session
        Last week I had the opportunity to work with some really cool people! They were a band called Stalled, and they ROCK! They were all so fun to work with--even their "roadies"! You can check out their music & get updates on their shows at

      • This month's special: Free Portrait Session Fee!
        This month's special is very special, indeed! Any session taking place in January will be FREE! That's right! In fact, since I'm posting this late, I will extend this month's special all the way up until February 17th! So, Happy Valentine's Day, too! The $80 minimum print

      • Happy New Year!
        And Happy New Website! This is my first EVER blogÖso I donít know, for sure, what it will end up like, but Iím looking forward to it!

        This will definitely be a place for clients to get a preview of their photos before I get to posting proofs, but it may also be sort of a fun little jour